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Born and raised in Texas, I set my sights on adventure. And then I grew up. Got married. Had children. And realized life is one BIG adventure. Married to a military man, we have traveled all over the country. I use those experiences in my writing.

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November 15, 2018

An entire pack, decimated in one night. 

Only one little wolf rescued, hidden from those who would harm her. Or so she thought.

When Chad claims Isabella as his mate, she couldn’t be more shocked. Not only is she the daughter of the pack’s Beta, he is the son of the Alpha. After her rejection, he manages to turn the entire pack against her, leaving her no choice but to run. Isabella heads for the one place that has promised to protect her, the Dark Sky pack. 

But some nightmares refuse to stay away. 

When the Alpha of Dark Sky meets Isabella, sparks fly and secrets are revealed. Secrets that have the power to destroy everyone they hold dear.

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January 24, 2019

In the conclusion of the Blackwood Duet, Jagger Thorne rules his pack with an iron fist, doling out punishments that go beyond the limits of appropriate standards. He is hellbent on fulfilling his father’s twisted legacy and will stop at nothing to capture Isabella Greyson. Making her his mate and ending her legacy drives him over the edge.

The last of the Blackwood Warriors and mate to Jaxon Daniels, the alpha of the Dark Sky pack, Isabella Greyson enlists the help of the Council to take down the Red Moon pack. With the assistance of some unlikely allies, Isabella and Jaxson take a page from history to achieve justice.

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September 2, 2021

The pack transition from Dark Sky to Blackwood had been smoother than anyone expected. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay that way. New threats to the pack have kept them on their toes but an enemy no one saw coming is worse than they could’ve expected..
Evie Daniels had a family who loved her, a best friend who would do anything for her, and a mate who would stop at nothing to make sure she was happy, until recently. She can’t focus on anything but the distance between her and Tristan and the mysterious pains she’s been getting in her chest. When she ends up in the hospital with no explanations in sight, things truly come to a head.
Tristan Merritt loves his mate with everything in him and more. Too bad he hasn’t been able to show her with his busy schedule. After a huge fight, he makes it a priority to put her first in everything he does. Someone else has other plans. When Evie goes missing at a pack party, he will stop at nothing to bring her home safe, but will it be enough? Or will Tristan be too late? Sometimes second chances aren’t enough.

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September 30, 2019

After losing her mother in a suspicious accident, teenager Gillian Morrison becomes the center of an unexpected custody battle. When she learns that she’s a shifter, she finds herself adopted by another wolf couple living in Scotland. After moving half a world away, she meets the rest of the pack including Branan Murray, the surprisingly young and handsome Alpha. As the mysteries of her past systematically unfold, she faces the struggles of a teenager learning how to be a wolf all while a powerful enemy hunts her down. 

Branan Murray has finally settled into his life, regardless of what his parents think. The Alpha of the Brèagha Oidhche Pack in Scotland wants nothing more than to protect his pack and find his mate. When his Beta returns from an overseas trip with his newly adopted daughter, Branan’s need to protect his pack has never been more fierce.

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For the Love of a Bear ebook.jpg


June 11, 2020

Calla Stirling is living a humble life in the Breagha Oidhche Wolf Pack in Scotland when her teenage life is turned upside down by her would-be mate. She knew a mate would present himself in the future, but what she didn’t expect was the gruff Russian bear Sergey Patrushev, Vojak of Clan Chislennost. 

Off to a rocky start thanks to the ill-advised plan Sergey uses to introduce himself to his mate, they have bigger problems than the fact she’s still underage. Sergey needs to get back to his volatile bear clan in Russia, but he won’t be without his mate. Constant strife within his clan, Sergey knows he needs to present a united front with his wolf mate, Calla, regardless of the danger her presence presents to both of them. 

Faced with traitors, Sergey and Calla call upon their wolf allies to help them end the coming war. Only a bond forged in destiny can bring the pack and the clan together to defeat their enemies both old and new.

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The Wolf's Solstice _ebook.jpg


October 29, 2020

Celebrating at the hottest club in town, Summer Kelly and her friends are prepared to dance the night away. Summer soon realizes the club is filled with supernaturals on one of the two nights of the year they can find their mates, the Solstice. Unconvinced about the “instalove” her friends are fascinated by, Summer’s mind is quickly changed when an aggressive Fae attempts to kidnap her and she is rescued by Markus.

The Summer Solstice isn’t enough to get Markus Reilly’s mind off of work and pack issues. The Alpha of the Eagle River pack has unsuccessfully searched for his mate each Solstice, when he hears the desperate cries for help from Summer, a human. Her attempted kidnapping sets in motion an all out war amongst supernaturals, calling his leadership into question and forming the most peculiar of allies.

The only way to save Summer, and the pack, is to trust the witches and warlocks. But can Summer hold on long enough to survive the sacrifices Markus has to make?

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The Fae Kings Solstice ebook.jpg


May 20, 2021

For Cassia Mortem, life has been one struggle after another. From losing her parents and becoming guardian to her younger sister, to training in the wilds of Ecuador to/and battling for her life in the trials. All she’d ever wanted was to avenge her parents and make sure her sister grew up safe and happy. What she didn’t want was the complications that came from meeting Lhoris Kelsalor. He was everything a woman desired and everything she should run from. Too bad for her the Fae King had no intention of letting her run from him.

Lhoris Kelsalor believed in one thing, duty over heart. He ran his kingdom with an iron fist and a fair mind. Even as his hidden enemies become bolder, striking out at the very heart of his kingdom, all he could think about was the one witch he should avoid at all costs. As the Solstice draws nearer, Lhoris is determined to find his mate and bring her to heel. Little does he know that his witch has other plans.

Cassia and Lhoris are determined to do what they think is best, even if it tears them apart. With their enemies drawing ever closer, can the two overcome what seems to be insurmountable odds to be together and get their happily ever after? Or will they be torn apart forever?

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Queen of Tarts ebook.jpg


January 27, 2022

I was never enough.
Too fat, too many freckles, wrong career choice.
Do this, do that.
Unable to please my mother, she took away every choice I ever had.
The pattern carried on when the wrong guy asked me to marry him.
Until one day, I’d had enough.
It was time to go back. To figure out my life.
And hopefully, to see… him.

A middle school confession sealed the deal for me.
She was always the one.
When her parents moved to get her away from me, I did whatever I could to stay in touch. Even though she never returned my letters. After all those years.

Then I got the news she was back.
I wasn’t going to let her slip away again.
She was my Queen of Tarts, and I’d be her King.

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June 20, 2019

Four years ago, Annabelle James made a shocking discovery. With the fate of her loved ones at stake, she did what she thought she had to do. She ran. The past however, has a funny way of finding those who refuse to face it. With nowhere left to turn, she ended up back where she started, facing the family she’d left behind and the truths she desperately wanted to remain hidden.

When the president of The Devil’s Reapers sends his enforcer to pick something up, the last thing Blade expected to find was the one who got away. Annabelle was everything a man like him could never have, and everything he’d always wanted. With the past rearing its ugly head once again, he will do everything he can to keep her safe and make her his.

Caught in a war between two clubs, Annabelle must face the past once and for all.

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March 12, 2020

When Steph Taylor starts working at the Devil’s Reapers clubhouse, at the behest of her mom so she can heal her broken heart, she never expected to fall for someone new, let alone an MC prospect. Samson and Steph can’t get enough of each other until, at the urging of some brothers, he gets patched in and dumps her just like her last boyfriend. 

Unconvinced it was the right thing to do, Samson turns bitter and miserable, angry at the world. But when he finds out Steph has been kidnapped, he stops at nothing to find her and mend their relationship.


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March 4, 2023

Valeria Stoica
As heir to the throne, Valeria is accustomed to the life of a princess. All of this is tossed to the wayside when her father forces their entire kingdom to evacuate and escape certain death at the hands of a madman. 

Rebuilding in Canada has forced her to grow up fast and make decisions no one should have to for the sake of her kingdom. When the threats from home follow them across the ocean, she knows Luca Dragan might be the answer to all of their prayers. 

Unfortunately for Valeria, he wants something in return for his help. 

Luca Dragan
After losing his family and kingdom to a madman, Luca escaped with his brother to Canada to start over. He was called a beast, a killer, and he earned every tale told about him. Now the mad king has followed his prey to Luca’s land, and he will learn how savage a Dragan can be. 

But first, Luca must guarantee his place in history and to take the kingdom, he must get the one thing he cannot take by force. Valeria Stoica.

While she agrees to their coupling for the sake of their kingdoms, there’s an unexpected catch, and it’s the only way to seal their union. 

This story was previously published in the Shifters Ever After Anthology. The story has been extended and updated for publication. 

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May 25, 2023


Life with my husband had never been a bed of roses. When I finally reached my breaking point, my life truly turned upside down. Chuck went on a rampage, leaving me with no option but to run for my life. I left everything I knew and drove halfway across the country on nothing more than the promise of my best friend’s brother. He swore the men I was fleeing to would protect me with their own lives. But what about my heart?


Never did I think I’d be taking a woman on the run into my home, but when another club called in a favor, I had no choice but to say yes. She arrived in the middle of the night, exhausted, beyond beautiful, and mine. I knew it even before my wolf confirmed it. Unfortunately, she was running from a husband who’d proven he’d stop at nothing to get her back. Too bad for him I was prepared to do anything to keep her safe. When he goes to an enemy club, it only made my instincts heighten. Protecting my mate comes before all else. Something Chuck was about to learn - firsthand.

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"I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose."

Stephen King

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